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Empowerment of Nation Mastery to the World

Nusaraya Resources Sdn. Bhd. [1004021-U] incorporated on 30th May 2012 in Malaysia with Paid Up Capital of RM1.0 million. Initially the Company embarked in steel mining then later diversify into logistics and hospitality due to rapid Iskankar Malaysia projects in Johore. The company has awarded operate container cleaning and services and house 400 college student. The Company has also managed 87 hotel rooms in Johor Bahru City to cater overseas visitors. In 2016, all projects have been surrendered to the principals since the Company agreed to collaborate with University of Technology Malaysia in MICROBE STUDY. The project was successful and led the opening of manufacturing plant. The production line concept was semi-automatic with 10,000 litres microbe reactor able to produce 10,000 bottles daily. We launched the plant on 31st March 2017 for local Johore State market. The market then grew up until entire Malaysia led us to expand to Singapore, Indonesia in 2019 and later in New Zealand in 2021. Due to high demand we has setup another plant in Klang Valley which was launched on 15th June 2022 with a capacity of 50,000 bottles daily production. The Company has been doing end-to-end activities starting from formulation, production, marketing program and e-commerce sales involving almost appointed 200 distributors. The Company is looking forward to enlarge its market all over the globe especially during the path of world disease crisis.


Empowerment of Nation Mastery to the World


To be the world leader in cosmicwellness solution


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SIRIM QAS Malaysia - Lotus Laboratory Panel of Ministry of Health of Malaysia

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