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Haji Suhaini Mohammad was born in Kelantan, the East Coast part of Peninsular Malaysia. He was just an ordinary village boy with humble Malay family background. Haji Suhaini’s father was a Chinese Muslim man and married his mother a Malay lady during his distillery army services. He passed away peacefully in 1987 leaving his wife and 4 young children behind. As the eldest, even though he was still a child himself, Haji Suhaini had to become the man of the house working part time job during weekends. He had to walk 3 km to his primary school everyday due to his family hardship. His brightness in study qualified him to be the first boy from his village to be accepted to further his study in the prestigious boarding school (enter the school name)

Despite his family hardship, Haji Suhaini managed to further his study at University Of Technology Malaysia (UTM) and completed his 5 years Bachelor of Science (BSc) majoring in Physics. During his university time, he had to sacrifice his library study time to earn a living by selling burger in campus and often he had to sell from door to door until after midnight. This is the only way for him to earn a living, to pay his study and at the same time supporting his 2 younger sibling attending their secondary school.

Hjaji Suhaini joined Reserve Officer Training Unit (ROTU) during his University study as an Extracurricular activities for 3 years and qualified him as an Army Officer. The allowance he earned was quite handsome and was very helpful. Hj Suhaini was also very active in politics during his campus life and won the (Student president?) election in 1994. In 199? he completed his Bsc in physics.

Due to his good character, brightness and academic excellence , Hjaji Suhaini was offered his first job as Production Supervisor for Nemic Lambda Senai Johor, an acclaimed world leader Japanese manufacturer in switching power supply. Haji Suhaini worked for the company for 5 years and gained more experience and skills in human resources and production. The company now was renamed as TDK-Lambda and took over by new shareholders.

Haji Suhaini married his true love a lovely Malay wife, Masniza A. Rahman of Johor Malaysia in 1996 and blessed with 2 beautiful children, a daughter Syafika Madiha and and son Haziqul Danish.

Haji Suhaini climbed up his career ladder by joining Port of Tanjung Pelepas Johore and worked 10 years in information technology, human resources and business department. While working for the company, he manage to obtain his Master of Business administration from University of Technology MARA. He has travelled all over the world and appointed as qualified trainer of International Labour Organisation (ILO) for Portworker Development Program in Torino Italy. He left the Port to start his own business venture when seeing vast amount of opportunity in Iskandar Malaysia Project.

The collaboration with Faculty of Bio-Science and Medical Engineering, UTM has given him an opportunity to pursue his PhD. Due to his tight schedules and time, he had to drop the program after 7 years research and study in Malay’s old Manuscript.

SiHulk Embarkment

Haji Suhaini first study about microbes was when he started his poultry business. The research and trial was a collaboration with UTM and met with failure when they found the microbes for the poultry food failed to obtain specific expectation and resulted 100% fatality in poultry. The project has failed.

During his PhD research and study, Haji Suhaini discovered an old hidden (or use secret or unrevealed) remedy and the process on how to extract the microbes from honey produced by bees via fermentation from an old manuscript – Hadiqatul Azhar War Rayahin written by Sheikh Ahmad Al Fatani.

Haji Suhaini tried more than 10 time to decode the clues and after several failures within a few months, finally he has successfully manage to get the correct and precise result from scheduled fermentation which was based on combination of solar and lunar cycle.

The writer of the manuscript mentioned that he referred to the verse 66, 67, 68 and 69 of the Bee Chapter in the Holy Quran. Further study and analysis have been carried out to understand precisely on the message as the manuscript was still in his safe keeping to ensure the accuracy. The most important element of the processes is the schedule of fermentation which is always has to be conditional with the cycle of solar and lunar.

SiHulk production started as a home made based and hundreds of products has been donated to diabetic patients to increased their stamina and energy study trials. SiHulk succeeded in increasing their stamina and energy without affecting their sugar level.

Besides diabetic patients , SiHulk was also consumed by construction workers for their energy booster. They were happy, satisfied and most of them claimed that SiHulk has freed them from their health issues like high and low blood pressure, migraine, gastric, gout, ulcer and even cancer.

However, Haji Suhaini has never claimed SiHulk as medicine but it is just an ordinary energy drink. He said perhaps due to the high energy level, the antibody in the body are able to be boosted up. After the success story, Haji Suhaini has decided to set the production plant to meet the market demand. SiHulk now has 2 production plant in Johor Bahru, Johor and Kajang, Selangor.

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